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Lea Grundy 
doula. birthworker. educator.

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Hi, I'm Lea, birth & postpartum doula.

I believe in you and the power of your mind, heart & body to bring your baby joyfully and safely into this world.  I also believe in your right to the best evidence-based care available, however and wherever you choose to give birth.  I bring a full life of experience to my work with you, including 25 years as a mother and professional, certification through the Cornerstone Doula Training Program, and training in Spinning Babies® body balancing techniques.  Fully vaccinated. Conversational Spanish.

Doula Services

I offer a variety of prenatal, labor and delivery, and

postpartum services. Let's talk about what will meet your family's needs!

Prenatal visits & planning

On call in the month before your due date

Home & hospital birth support

Night doula support

Postpartum home visits, lactation support, home cooked meals & assistance



"I am so incredibly thankful for Lea.  She was the most supportive doula I could have asked for. She helped me build so much confidence in myself that everything would be fine with my childbirth... and it was!  I was unmedicated and labored for 11 hours with 20 minutes of active pushing - and Kiami was born at 10 lbs, 4 oz!  Lea would constantly repeat to me, "Your body knows what it's doing".  As I am always wanting to be in control of everything, her reassurance helped me tremendously to relax and let go through the whole experience. I can confidently say that without Lea by my side during labor and even into the 4th trimester, things would have been so different. I came out of the experience more trusting of my own body and abilities.  I am so thankful for her patience, understanding, and humor!"

- Jennifer U.

"Lea was our doula when she was part way through her training, but you would never have known it because she is an absolute natural! She provided everything we were looking for in a doula: advocacy at our hospital birth and hands-on techniques for pain relief in an unmedicated labor. She also provided so much more than we could have asked for, including help with researching best practices when writing our birth plan, postpartum support, and taking photos during labor. Lea is intuitive, notices the small details, and is a wonderful communicator. Her genuine care for my husband and me during this process of having our first child was undoubtable. We have already referred her to our friends. Lea was born to be a doula!"

- Vanessa P.

"Lea was the perfect doula to assist me with my planned home birth. Lea came to me when I needed her and stuck by me through my whole labor. When my contractions were coming regular and strong, I knew I could count on her to support me, massaging the small of my back to make it through tough moments or suggesting position changes to keep my labor progressing.  She was calm under pressure and understood the group dynamics with my mom and my husband in attendance too. During my transition and pushing phases, she listened to me when I said that it hurt too much to be touched.  She listened to me, believed in me and supported me throughout my labor and in the weeks after my daughter was born.  She is exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Lea Grundy for all your birth and postpartum needs!"

- Amy H.

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"Lea supported me & my spouse Sinead during my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter, Ronan Helene. The education, information & care she provided us was beyond expectation & proved instrumental in navigating a complex hospital birth. Lea & Sinead worked together as a team to support me and each other through 40 hours of labor, medical staff shift changes, misdiagnoses, and countless curveballs that required highly pressurized decision making.  I credit Lea with backing Sinead in making sure I had the vaginal birth that was my first & last priority. Tirelessly passionate & compassionate, Lea was our coach, our counselor, and our friend through some of life's most intimate and vulnerable moments.  Lea feels like family. Without hesitation, we cannot recommend Lea highly enough to any birthing persons and their partners."

- Sirona S.

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